12 Wedding Hair Tips Every Bride Must Know

Preparing for your wedding day is exciting but overwhelming. Your hair matters! Every bride wants a perfect hairstyle. To help, here are 12 crucial tips. Start planning early. Know your hair type. Consider trusting your stylist for hair styling in Tallahassee FL. Bring inspirational photos. Schedule a trial run. Test hair accessories. Choose long-lasting products. Consider extensions—plan for touch-ups. Watch the weather. Practice good hair care. We’ve got you covered for your big day!

Early Planning For Hair Styling in Tallahassee

Begin planning your wedding hairstyle well in advance. Book a consultation with your hairstylist at least six months before your big day to discuss your ideas and create a timeline for hair trials and appointments.

Know Your Hair Type

Knowing your hair type is key for a lasting hairstyle. Whether curly, straight, thin, or thick, your hairstylist can suggest the ideal styles and products tailored to your unique needs. Curly hair might need more hold, while thin hair requires volumizing products.

Trust your stylist’s expertise. Experts in hair styling in Tallahassee FL, specialize in understanding different hair types. Let us help you choose the perfect hairstyle and products for your hair type, ensuring your wedding look stays flawless all day.

Consider Your Dress

Your dress style affects your hair choice. If it’s detailed or high-necked, an updo may suit best, highlighting your dress’s features. For simple or strapless gowns, consider a low bun or flowing curls. These styles enhance your overall look. We understand the importance of matching your hairstyle with your dress. Let us help you find the perfect hairstyle that complements your gown and makes you feel stunning on your wedding day.

Bring Inspiration

Bring pictures of hairstyles you love to your consultation for hair styling services in Tallahassee. This will help your hairstylist understand your vision and tailor the style to suit your face shape, hair texture, and overall bridal aesthetic.

Schedule a Trial Run

Trying your wedding hairstyle is vital. Schedule a trial run weeks before your wedding. This ensures you love the look and that it lasts all day. Don’t risk last-minute stress. Testing in advance gives time for adjustments. We prioritize your satisfaction and want you to feel confident and beautiful on your special day. Schedule your trial run today to ensure your wedding hairstyle is perfect.

Test Hair Accessories

When choosing hair accessories, like veils or tiaras, try them during your hair trial. This helps you see how they fit with your hairstyle. Adjustments can be made if needed before the big day. Testing ensures everything looks perfect. We understand the importance of every detail for your wedding look.

Opt for Long-Lasting Products

Choose hair products that provide long-lasting hold and shine without weighing down your hair. Your hairstylist with expertise in hair styling in Tallahassee Florida, can recommend professional-grade products that will keep your hairstyle flawless from morning until night.

Don’t Forget About Extensions

Hair extensions are your solution if you want fuller hair but yours is thin or short. They come in various types, like clip-in or tape-in. These extensions can give you instant length and volume. They’re like magic for your hair, making achieving your desired hairstyle for your wedding day easier.

With extensions, you can create stunning curls or elegant updos that will wow everyone. Professionals with expertise in hair styling in Tallahassee Florida, can help you choose the perfect extensions for your dream wedding hairstyle.

Plan for Touch-Ups

Even if your hair is styled perfectly, it might get messy. Have a small kit handy to fix any frizz or flyaways. Fill it with bobby pins, hairspray, and a mini brush. This kit will be a lifesaver for quick touch-ups throughout your wedding day. You can keep your hair flawless from morning until night with just a few simple tools. We understand the importance of preparing for hair emergencies on your special day.

Consider the Weather

Consider the weather forecast for your wedding day. If it’s windy or humid, choose a hairstyle that can handle it. Opt for styles like updos or braids that won’t get messy easily. These styles will keep you looking fabulous despite the elements. We can recommend weather-resistant hairstyles that will keep you looking stunning throughout your outdoor wedding festivities.

Practice Good Hair Care

In the days leading to your wedding, take care of your hair. Regular trims keep your locks healthy. Deep conditioning treatments add moisture and shine. Avoid too much heat styling to prevent damage. These simple habits keep your hair looking its best on your special day. Professionals prioritize the health and beauty of your hair, ensuring it’s radiant for your wedding.

Trust Your Stylist

Above all, trust your hairstylist to bring your wedding hair vision to life. They have the expertise and creativity to create a stunning hairstyle that enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel like the most beautiful bride on your special day.


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments of your life, and your hair should reflect the beauty and joy of the occasion. By following these 12 essential tips and entrusting your hair to the skilled professionals offering hair styling services in Tallahassee, you can ensure that your wedding hairstyle is nothing short of perfection. Start planning early, communicate your ideas clearly, and don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect look that makes you feel like a true bridal beauty.

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