200+ Free Blog Submission Sites List 2023

Are you a dedicated blogger trying to broaden your audience and gain more visibility for your content? We’ve got you covered. Check out our carefully curated list of over 200 free blog submission sites for 2023. These venues provide an excellent opportunity to express your unique viewpoints, creative ideas, and insightful stories with a larger audience. Don’t pass up this opportunity to display your talent and network with people from all over the world.

Why Submit Your Blog to These Sites?

1 .Increased Online presence: Submitting your blog to these platforms can dramatically increase your online presence. Contact new readers and prospective followers who are interested in your area or subject.

2. Opportunities for Backlinks: Many blog submission platforms allow you to put a link to your own website or blog. These beneficial backlinks can significantly boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and organic traffic.

3. Networking and Community: Participate in dynamic blogging communities on these platforms, interact with other bloggers, and cultivate significant connections within your field.

4. Diverse Audiences: Each blog submission site has a unique readership. By publishing your work to numerous platforms, you may connect with a wide range of readers and broaden the reach of your blog.

5. Develop Authority: Submitting your material on a regular basis to reliable blog directories can help you develop your authority and competence in your subject.

Tips for Making a Successful Blog Submission:

Quality Content: To make a good impression on readers, make sure your blog entries are well-written, educational, and entertaining.

Rules: To enhance your chances of acceptance, follow the submission rules for each platform.

Add Relevant Tags: Use suitable tags and categories to make it easier for people to find your content.

Engage with Readers : Respond to comments and interact with people who discover your site through these channels.

Disclaimer: Before submitting your blog, please be sure to read and follow the terms, regulations, and guidelines of each site. Also, keep in mind that some websites may require clearance before publishing your content.

Explore our extensive list of blog submission sites and take your writing career to new heights in 2023!

List of Free Blog Submission Sites

1. Scoopearths (DA 50)

In this very website you can easily register and submit your blog for high traffic and its also profile create website so you also create a website on this website.

2. Alltop (DA 69)

Guy Kawasaki, a social media guru, founded this website. It is one of the most well-known blog submission sites because it helps your website gain more visibility and quality links. It covers everything from education to technology to marketing to fitness and much more. You may quickly find a suitable topic to post to your blog for free in any field you write in. Try to create attention-grabbing titles so that more people visit your blog. For instance, pay less and receive more, limited specials, and so on.

3. Blogarama (DA 63)

This is the oldest and most well-known blog submission website. This is the largest of the others; it was founded a decade ago and has over 100,000 registered users. This website produces fantastic benefits for bloggers.

4. On Top List (DA 42)

It’s yet another great blog submission site. This website contains a wealth of technical knowledge, company pages, and websites dedicated to blogging.

5. Blog Flux (DA 53)

Many individuals choose this website since it has a good reputation for improving blog traffic. This website features over 150,000 blogs from various categories such as education, fitness, health, travel, and many more.

6. Blog Listing (DA 29)

This website is the fastest-growing blog submission site. You may post your blog for free here, and the best part is that joining them will provide you a lot of visibility. It has a good PR directory and a domain authority of 59.

7. Blog Engage (DA 45)

This website has a large blog community, which is why it has a large user base. The nice thing about this website is that many bloggers and marketers use it to promote their blog entries.

8. Indiblogger.in (DA 51)

It is one of the largest Indian blogger communities, and joining them can be extremely beneficial. If you are an Indian and want to submit your blogs for free, here is the site for you. Once you register on Indiblogger, you will notice that there are thousands of Indian bloggers blogging in various themes. You can also connect with them, which will help your website/blog grow popularity.

9. Blog Adda (DA  53)

This blog directory is popular in India. It has a large network of bloggers to interact with, and they pick the best blog entries from editors every day to get you more exposure.

10. Blogging Fusion (DA 37)

It is a premium blog submission platform, however you can get a free account by submitting your blog to their blog directory. It is a wonderful site to submit your blog because it is used by a large number of individuals.

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11. Blogs Collection (DA 37)

It is a big blog directory that aggregates all significant blog new content from around the world. This is a pretty ancient blog submission website, founded more than nine years ago.

12. Blog Ville (DA 26)

You can submit any blog to this website because it has all of the categories. It is one of the most rapidly developing websites, with a sizable consumer base. They manually check your site before adding it to their blog directory.

13. Blog Directory (DA 31)

This is a fantastic free blog submission platform where you can post your blog, gain links, and boost the exposure of your material. It displays the blogs under various blogs on a regular basis. On their website, you may access blogs in a variety of areas, such as real estate, computers, academia, and so on.

14. Blog directory.ws (DA 21)

This is another excellent site where you can add your blog for free. The unique thing about this site is that it puls your RSS feed and would show your information when you update your blog with new posts.

15. Boing Boing (DA 90)

This website has a high domain authority rating. It has a DA of 92, which is excellent for submitting your website or blog to it. You can now submit your blog to this highest DA blog submission platform.

16. Fuel My Blog (DA 35)

Submitting a blog to this service is free, and there are many bloggers registered, which can help your work achieve even more popularity. You can also include your blog and an image if you choose. There are other intriguing and useful blogs to read on this website as well.

17. Cipinet Web Directory (DA 34)

This is one of the oldest marketplaces, having been founded in 2002. They offer both free and paid versions to its consumers, so you may select the one that best suits your needs. You can add top-level domains and individual pages, and they will examine and approve your site within 24 hours (even if you choose the basic version, which costs $35 one-time). If you choose the free version, it may take a few days for your site to be approved.

18. Entire Web (DA 52)

With over 3.5 million registered users, this website is widely used all around the world. Their services are truly excellent, and people adore this website due of its large user base, as well as the fact that it is free. When you publish your blog to this website, it will begin to appear in all of the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, and others.

19. So Much (DA 36)

This blog submission site is superior to those random ones. So much is a welcoming free link directory where you can find the greatest human-edited links organized by topic and category.

20. Blog Top Sites (DA 53)

You will be pleased to learn that this blog submission site has the highest DA of any blog submission site. This website has been online since 2004 and has 82 DA. Submitting your site might be highly advantageous to you because it is a trustworthy site with a large client base.

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21. Sonic Run (DA 33)

This website has a decent domain authority to receive a free link to your site, which is why many users join it. You can also post your blog to this website because the reaction has been fantastic.

22. Blog Roll Center (DA 38)

Make sure to submit your blog in the most appropriate category.

23. Plazoo (DA 42)

This blog submission service has a good domain authority of 69; hence, if you want to add your blog or RSS feed, this can be a terrific website. This website is unique in that it supports multiple languages from across the world.

24. Bloggernity (DA 40)

Many people like this blog directory since it has a high submission DA and a dedicated forum where you can engage with other writers. This increases the exposure of your website as well as the traffic to your website/blog.

25. Top Sites Web Directory (DA 36)

Every major online directory resource on the internet lists this blog submission site. This website receives a lot of traffic and has a large consumer base, which might assist you in obtaining the same. Many bloggers have gained traffic to their websites as a result of this website, making their blog and website quite well-known.

26. Pegasus Web Directory (DA 34)

It is a free general online directory that is totally human updated; as a result, you will almost never see spam links or websites on this website. These factors make this website people’s favorite because they don’t have to spend anything, and the reaction is also fantastic. This website has been around for 12 years and is one of the oldest blog directories. It has a DA of 55, which is rather good, and because this website has a high reputation, people enjoy adding their blogs to it.

27. 1Abc Directory (DA 34)

This website has been around for 12 years and is one of the oldest blog directories. It has a DA of 55, which is rather good, and because this website has a high reputation, people enjoy adding their blogs to it.

28. Gain Web (DA 31)

This website is also a human-edited blog submission service, and it contains a large number of high-quality websites from around the world. Submitting your site or blog to Gain Web can be highly advantageous because it has a high DA and no spam links or websites because it is human edited.

29. Finder Master (DA 23)

While we’re talking about free blog submission sites, you might want to check out Finder Master Blogs. You can register on our website and upload your material for others to read. The page contains content from categories such as advertising, shopping, construction, and business. If you want to write on these topics, this website could be a fantastic place to start.

30. HowCube (DA 12)

If you are seeking for a free blog submission site, HowCube is one of the best possibilities. This website is designed to seem nice and welcoming to both readers and publishers, with a good and straightforward user experience. The most recent article published on this website is about a month old, yet that may be overlooked when you glance at the website’s page and observe how well the photographs, article headings, and a little portion of what is written in the post have been organized. You can go to this website to read information about how to sell or make money. You can also create an account and begin posting content here.

31. Blog Directory (DA 30)

This may not be the best-organized or best-arranged blog, but it is a decent one. Blog Directory is available to both writers and publishers, as well as readers. You can post your blogs to this website or browse their collection of content. There are numerous themes on which articles are available for reading on the website. There must be 100-odd articles or so on this website, which indicates that it is performing well and contributes to its inclusion on this list.

32. Free Add Url (DA 23)

If you want a professional-looking free blog submission website, you might look into the Free Add Url website. It features no less than 20 headings neatly arranged above and below each other, and it also provides users with a variety of options to assist them improve traffic to their website. The website offers both free and paid choices, and it also includes a review from one satisfied customer who compliments this website for assisting them in increasing traffic to their website. If not for the beat, this is one of the better names on the list.

33. Rapid Network (DA 24)

This is yet another free blog submission website that you should consider using, with over 200 articles divided into 18 distinct categories. While they only have 18 categories, this page has 3532 dub categories. The website also acknowledges the site of the day, which could be quite beneficial for a page wanting to expand its audience. People who enjoy reading about art will be pleased to learn that this page has the most articles on the subject, with the total number of articles in this section crossing 50 (51). This site directory offers both free and premium solutions to its consumers.

34. Magazine the CGI (DA 28)

If you want to upload articles about finance or technology, this website should be on your list. Magazine the CGI site is another attractive and well-maintained web directory with nicely formatted articles. You have an image of the article, the headline, and the tags displayed one after the other, and you can read the first few words of the article without opening it. This website also has news and business articles, which are some of the other popular categories on this page.

35. WordPress Blog Directory (DA 22)

This website is the place to go if you want to read tons of articles on a variety of topics. To be more specific, the page contains articles from 16 categories and 82 subcategories. The website has a page rank of 5. You can submit your URL using this page, and they will handle the rest. You may also submit your post and the website will go out of its way to get you the audience you need for your page.

36. Add URL Guide (DA 22)

We have this more than handy free blog submission website, with an item uploaded as recently as the first week of January 2023. The website includes articles on general themes as well as travel information. The website only displays the image of the article and its headline, allowing them to maintain the page clutter-free and uncluttered for visitors. While the page may not have as many content alternatives as the other websites stated above, it does have a very well-maintained and user-friendly website that anyone would like, which is why this may be the website you should use for yourself when wanting to increase your audience.

37. Cluboo (DA 20)

Sports, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, and other topics would be included in a list of ten of the most intriguing blog topics. Cluboo provides articles on these four topics as well as five more, each of which contains many articles that viewers can read. As another free blog submission platform, writers and publishers can go to this one and post their work. The website is most likely owned by someone in New York, and it has over 1030 followers on Instagram and Twitter combined.

38. Home Page Seek (DA 17)

This website, founded in 1999, claims to help people uncover information that is hidden on the internet through its 10+ article categories. Each topic has several subcategories from which readers or writers and publishers can post. You can hunt for articles using the search bar, or you can link your site to theirs. You can upload your material for free on this website or pay to have your link highlighted. Users can also find news on a variety of topics on the website.

39. Nexus Directory (DA 21)

It may not be the ideal website to put your content on, but if you are wanting to boost your reach while writing on free blog websites, this may not be a bad alternative. This website is focused on business-related material, thus if you write in this niche or have the ability to write in this niche, you should consider submitting your work to this website.

40. Rock The Adored (DA 26)

Again, if you wish to submit your blog for free to a website, you can do so at this page. The website contains articles about Poker, Casinos, and other similar topics. While most websites have a white page, this website has a black page, which gives it a wonderful aesthetic, and the arrangement of the content and photographs makes it an even better option for anyone looking to post their blog for free.

41. Synergy Property Directory (DA 23)

If your niche is writing articles about real estate, interior design, or homes in general, this website is the right place to post your work. The most recent item was published on January 29th, 2023, indicating that it is an active website, and you might see your audience expand if you went to a website like this and started putting out your content here.

42. Free Directory UK (DA 26)

This website covers a variety of content categories ranging from business to travel to retail to education and more. The website is situated in the United Kingdom and has social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms, which will inform you about the website’s reach and why it is a suitable location to upload your material.

43. BloggerHQ (DA 19)

If you’re looking for a free blog submission website that’s easy to use and doesn’t require much of your time, this is the place to go. You only need to include the title, URL, description, name, email, and category for your article. Then simply click Submit to finish your job. Now that your work has been posted, it is no longer limited to your reading, but individuals all around the world may be able to read it.

44. Bloggeries (DA 38)

This website is a must-visit if you’re looking for a variety of blog categories to search for articles to read or publish under. This website can assist you with category listing, blog listing, homepage promotion, and blog promotion for Bloggeries. The website requests that you submit your blog if you want to expand your audience, but it can also assist you improve your blog.

45. Bloggers Choice Awards (DA 45)

If your material is about flowers or the flower industry, you should check out this website made by the owner of a flower shop. As a reader, you can go to their page to read numerous flower-related tactics and tips, or you can submit your own content or offer ideas or recommendations to the website’s owner.

46. Bloggers Directory (DA 12)

This website offers no fewer than 16 categories to offer its visitors. Simply submit your link to this website, and they will distribute it to the appropriate audience. If you are a reader, you can browse the site and the categories, or search for and read articles to ensure that you have arrived at the appropriate location. You may also look at the success of their listings and page rankings.

47. Blogger Talk (DA 22)

This website includes content relevant to all of these topics, whether they are fun, health, or fashion. The website is headquartered in the United Kingdom and is an excellent spot for you to upload your writing content. On the main page, there is an image, a heading, and some blog lines. If you are a writer and want your work to reach a larger audience, blogging on this site may be a smart idea because it will help you grow as a writer.

48. Top Blogger (DA 8)

If you are a writer and can produce quality content on a variety of general topics. You can start getting your content published on this website by going to the write for us section. Based on the way this page is organized and maintained, one may conclude that it is a decent and respectable website, and that having your work displayed here would only benefit you.

49. Blogit (DA 29)

The user acknowledges visiting the website, writing stuff, reading stuff, enjoying it, and staying in the one review provided on the website. If you want to have an experience like this with more than a handful of categories open to you, this is the website to visit. The website has about 10 lakh blog entries and more than 40 lakh comments, making it one of the best free blog posting platforms for folks like me and you.

50. BlogLines (DA 86)

If you have content to contribute in the fashion, beauty, living, or culture segments, this is the website where you should upload it. This free blog posting service features a superb content posting space with beautifully ordered articles, graphics, and headlines. You can either search for topics that interest you or participate by sharing your articles with other readers. The website also features a trending articles section where you may read popular articles or strive to have your article published one day if you want to expand your reach.

51. Blog Listing (DA 39)

When hunting for free blog posting websites, you may not come across many that are as wonderful as this one. This website provides a video for authors with instructions on how to get their blogs listed in the website’s directory. If you produce content on real estate, business, or other topics stated on their website, you should strive to get your work published on this website as it may help you reach a larger audience.

52. All for Blog (DA 25)

If you simply want to read an article with general and basic information or write content connected to such information and want a website to post it for other people, you can try All for Blog. Aside from that, the website includes articles about business, family, health, housing, and other topics. When it comes to getting your material in front of a larger audience, websites like these can help.

53. All Top (DA 70)

All Top is another place where you may have your website listed on the internet. Not only that, but you can also use their page to construct your own All Top page. Enter your name, email address, and body text. After that, check the I am not a robot box and click Submit. You might have employed the services of a free blog posting provider and given your piece the push it required and the exposure it deserved just by doing this much.

54. Blog Bar (DA 16)

This website contains articles ranging from financial to gaming, business to lifestyle, and much more, and you may participate as well. If you write well and your material falls into one of the themes indicated on this website, you can simply upload your content on this website and begin gaining a larger audience. If you’re seeking for a free blog posting website, you probably won’t find a better one than this one.

55. Blog Certified (DA 26)

If you write content about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, marketing, and other related topics, this website may be the place to post it. The website contains articles in which their graphics and titles are mentioned. This minimalistic approach ensures that the page looks nice and your content receives more attention, which may result in your article having a higher reach and a wider readership, so benefiting you.

56. Blog Digger (DA 47)

There aren’t many free blog submission websites on this list that feature food content, which is what sets this one apart. On this website, you can also publish articles about entertainment, food, health, family, and other such topics. The website also has a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, so your work will receive more notice than it would elsewhere.

57. Blog Dir (DA 21)

This website hosts a variety of blogs, ranging from dental content to lifestyle content. It is a blog situated in the United Kingdom, and its goal is to cover themes pertaining to all facets of daily life, so if your work has that type of content, this could be the website to which you turn when considering publishing your work to a larger audience.

58. Blog Dire (DA 23)

This website is a writer’s paradise, with nearly 40 categories of content and many articles under each. The website allows you to start your blog through a partner website. So far, the website has had over 60,000 entries and nearly 700 blogs that it has dealt with, so you know you have a good free content publishing website with this one.

59. Blog Directory (DA 7)

If you wish to submit a URL for free, unblur a photo, or do anything else, go to this website. There aren’t many reputable websites that allow you to submit free blogs while also helping to promote your work. As a result of achieving this criterion and being one of the finest websites in its category, this option makes our list.

60. Blog Directory Submission (DA 63)

These are the top blog submission sites; you can pick one based on your blog’s needs as they are all equally good.

If you have uncategorized work that you believe will be accepted by the public, come to this website and submit it for free. The website strives to give users with high-quality information, and if your work is noteworthy, it may appear in the popular or trending section, allowing it to reach a larger audience, which is beneficial to you.

Aside from the 60 websites mentioned above, there are many more that allow you to publish content for free and help you and your work reach a larger audience. These internet sites


Blog Submission Site




1 wikispaces.com 95 78 7.8
2 Weebly.comin 94 82 8.2
3 issuu.com 93 69 6.9
4 rhizome.org 93 71 7.1
5 tripod.lycos.com 93 70 7
6 wikidot.com 93 75 7.5
7 blogsrater.com 92 57 5.7
8 wix.com 92 88 8.8
9 tumblr.com 92 69 6.9
10 last.fm 92 69 6.9
11 commons.wikimedia.org 92 74 7.4
12 blog.com 92 67 6.7
13 blog.co.uk 92 63 6.3
14 couchsurfing.org 91 74 7.4
15 evernote.com 91 68 6.8
16 yolasite.com 91 77 7.7
17 blogs.botw.org 90 87 8.7
18 trendiee.com 90 56 5.6
19 virb.com 90 64 6.4
20 boingboing.net 89 73 7.3
21 xing.com 89 74 7.4
22 dailystrength.org 89 61 6.1
23 spruz.com 89 63 6.3
24 boredpanda.com 88 63 6.3
25 connect.over-blog.com 88 63 6.3
26 angelfire.lycos.com 88 61 6.1
27 skyrock.com 88 62 6.2
28 webgarden.com 88 66 6.6
29 kickofflabs.com 88 92 9.2
30 technorati.com 87 75 7.5
31 intuit.com 86 65 6.5
32 kinja.com 86 65 6.5
33 socialmediatoday.com 85 73 7.3
34 yola.com 84 64 6.4
35 areavoices.com 83 68 6.8
36 en.sitew.com 82 47 4.7
37 migente.com 82 51 5.1
38 weebly.com 80 99 9.9
39 shutterfly.com 79 62 6.2
40 pen.io 79 60 6
41 lifeyo.com 78 61 6.1
42 blogcatalog.com 77 61 6.1
43 cookeatshare.com 77 62 6.2
44 newsvine.com 76 60 6
45 edublogs.org 75 71 7.1
46 blog.fc2.com 75 62 6.2
47 sfgate.com 73 59 5.9
48 alltop.com 69 64 6.4
49 friendster.com 69 64 6.4
50 sosblogs.com 68 53 5.3
51 wallinside.com 66 65 6.5
52 redbubble.com 66 53 5.3
53 mywapblog.com 66 52 5.2
54 ehow.com 64 54 5.4
55 webspawner.com 64 61 6.1
56 blogarama.com 63 56 5.6
57 playbuzz.com 63 75 7.5
58 webnode.com 63 55 5.5
59 moonfruit.com 61 53 5.3
60 us.webnode.com 60 68 6.8
61 sciencestage.com 60 53 5.3
62 blogbaker.com 60 50 5
63 getjealous.com 60 53 5.3
64 all-blogs.net 60 55 5.5
65 doomby.com 59 52 5.2
66 ideascale.com 57 57 5.7
67 iconosites.com 57 60 6
68 merchantcircle.com 56 62 6.2
69 geckogo.com 56 50 5
70 jimdo.com 55 55 5.5
71 hpage.com 55 49 4.9
72 bugs3.com 55 46 4.6
73 jux.com 54 49 4.9
74 rollr.com 54 62 6.2
75 blogadda.com 53 54 5.4
76 entireweb.com 53 51 5.1
77 blogtopsites.com 53 54 5.4
78 care2.com 53 53 5.3
79 wayn.com 53 52 5.2
80 hazblog.com 53 55 5.5
81 manifo.com 53 56 5.6
82 blogflux.com 52 54 5.4
83 all4webs.com 52 48 4.8
84 indiblogger.in 51 51 5.1
85 academia.edu 51 66 6.6
86 wordpress.com 51 74 7.4
87 ucoz.com 51 55 5.5
88 snappages.com 51 53 5.3
89 webs.com 50 50 5
90 hasenchat.net 50 49 4.9
91 jukeboxalive.com 50 58 5.8
92 bloggeries.com 49 51 5.1
93 sitew.com 48 57 5.7
94 bloggerspassion.com 47 50 5
95 jambase.com 47 50 5
96 massidea.org 47 45 4.5
97 workitmom.com 47 47 4.7
98 gamerdna.com 47 42 4.2
99 globeofblogs.com 46 54 5.4
100 bcz.com 46 54 5.4
101 blogengage.com 45 50 5
102 blogsearchengine.com 45 46 4.6
103 wanna follow.me 45 58 5.8
104 zoho.com 44 49 4.9
105 rediff.com 44 49 4.9
106 freewebsite-service.com 44 46 4.6
107 lintas.me 44 50 5
108 bloghub.com 43 48 4.8
109 ontoplist.com 42 50 5
110 plazoo.com 42 57 5.7
111 mouthshut.com 42 47 4.7
112 beep.com 42 47 4.7
113 jigsy.com 41 43 4.3
114 bloggernity.com 40 50 5
115 blogscanada.ca 40 42 4.2
116 astromindsclub.com 40 49 4.9
117 volunteeralliance.org 40 42 4.2
118 myblogdirectory.net 39 44 4.4
119 blog-search.info 38 41 4.1
120 blogs-collection.com 36 48 4.8
121 somuch.com 36 51 5.1
122 sitepromotiondirectory.com 36 48 4.8
123 submissionwebdirectory.com 36 46 4.6
124 topsiteswebdirectory.com 36 44 4.4
125 squarespace.com 36 44 4.4
126 own-free-website.com 36 48 4.8
127 fuelmyblog.com 35 49 4.9
128 bloghints.com 35 45 4.5
129 over-blog.com 35 34 3.4
130 wikipedia.org 35 47 4.7
131 livestrong.com 35 42 4.2
132 cipinet.com 34 44 4.4
133 pegasusdirectory.com 34 49 4.9
134 a1webdirectory.org 34 48 4.8
135 blogrollcenter.com 34 51 5.1
136 devhub.com 34 45 4.5
137 myanimelist.net 34 54 5.4
138 prolinkdirectory.com 33 45 4.5
139 bedwan.com 33 43 4.3
140 quora.com 33 39 3.9
141 search.sonicrun.com 32 46 4.6
142 highrankdirectory.com 32 43 4.3
143 seoheights.com 32 29 2.9
144 picktu.com 31 44 4.4
145 info-listings.com 31 46 4.6
146 gainweb.org 31 46 4.6
147 promotebusinessdirectory.com 31 38 3.8
148 blog-directory.org 30 43 4.3
149 9sites.net 30 44 4.4
150 jewana.com 30 41 4.1
151 ranaf.com 30 41 4.1
152 happal.com 30 41 4.1
153 addbusiness.net 30 44 4.4
154 blog-search.com 30 44 4.4
155 bloggernow.com 30 44 4.4
156 bloglisting.net 29 46 4.6
157 thecgisite.com 29 39 3.9
158 blogratings.com 28 36 3.6
159 usgeo.org 27 42 4.2
160 ellysdirectory.com 27 45 4.5
161 blogville.us 27 54 5.4
162 aaf14.org 27 41 4.1
163 livejournal.com 27 38 3.8
164 soup.io 27 38 3.8
165 ghost.org 27 37 3.7
166 freetoprankdirectory.com 26 41 4.1
167 linkpedia.net 26 45 4.5
168 alistsites.com 26 45 4.5
169 w3catalog.com 26 42 4.2
170 bocaiw.net 26 36 3.6
171 addyourblog.com 26 45 4.5
172 directoryseo.biz 25 39 3.9
173 worldweb-directory.com 25 43 4.3
174 freedirectorysubmit.com 25 43 4.3
175 h-log.com 25 42 4.2
176 blogdirectory.ws 25 39 3.9
177 bravenet.com 25 45 4.5
178 wrttn.in 25 33 3.3
179 livepopular.com 24 43 4.3
180 blogdumps.comindex.php 24 37 3.7
181 justpaste.it 24 39 3.9
182 a4add.com 24 36 3.6
183 addfreewebdirectory.com 23 34 3.4
184 blogdire.com 23 41 4.1
185 blogdir.co.uk 23 39 3.9
186 blog-collector.com 23 40 4
187 fotki.com 23 40 4
188 ananar.com 22 42 4.2
189 informationcrawler.com 22 39 3.9
190 forumforyou.net 22 35 3.5
191 marketingwebdirectory.com 21 39 3.9
192 bizzdirectory.com 21 38 3.8
193 bestbusinesswebdirectory.com 21 33 3.3
194 directory.blogaz.net 21 38 3.8
195 blogginglist.com 21 35 3.5
196 sutradirectory.com 21 37 3.7
197 indimusic.tv 21 37 3.7
198 homepageseek.com 20 42 4.2
199 blogfolders.com 20 38 3.8
200 dinstudio.com 20 36 3.6
201 yousaytoo.com 20 44 4.4
202 sites-plus.com 19 40 4
203 anoj.org 18 39 3.9
204 findsites.net 18 39 3.9
205 blogratedirectory.com 18 35 3.5
206 bizeso.com 18 28 2.8
207 purevolume.com 17 40 4
208 onlinesociety.org 16 45 4.5
209 modwedding.com 16 25 2.5
210 blogpopular.com 15 27 2.7
211 blogswirl.com 14 40 4
212 1abc.orgsubmit.php N/A 1 0.1
213 blogdigger.comindex.html N/A N/A N/A
214 the-free-directory.co.uk N/A N/A N/A
215 hottestblogs.com N/A N/A N/A
216 bloggapedia.com N/A N/A N/A
217 spillbean.com N/A N/A N/A
218 feedplex.comadd-url.php N/A N/A N/A
219 mvomrat.com N/A N/A N/A
220 blogsthatfollow.com N/A N/A N/A
221 blogdirectory.ckalari.com N/A N/A N/A
222 wilsdomain.com N/A N/A N/A
223 blog.fc2.comen N/A 1 0.1
224 reddit.com N/A 1 0.1
225 blogfinds.com N/A 1 0.1
226 bloggingsmostwanted.com N/A 43 4.3
227 goodnightjournal.com N/A 26 2.6
228 dailyroads.com N/A 43 4.3
229 axj.com N/A 41 4.1

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