How to Clean Walls and Hard Surfaces: Residential Cleaning Services

Keeping your home clean is like maintaining a well-oiled machine. Your house’s walls and hard surfaces are often the most neglected spots. They also collect dust, grime and fingerprints over time. Knowing how to clean them effectively can make a big difference. We’ll also highlight the benefits of affordable residential cleaning services in Manhattan NY, to make cleaning chores easier. This blog post will discuss useful ways to clean walls and other hard surfaces.

Dusting First: Essential Step for Residential Cleaning Services

Dusting is the first step in cleaning walls and hard surfaces. Dust and other loose dirt can be removed with a microfiber cloth or a cleaner. Research published in the Journal of Environmental Health indicates that using microfiber cloths can reduce surface bacteria by up to 99%, compared to 33% with conventional cleaning cloths, making them a preferred choice for cleaning experts. Start from the top and work your way down. This also ensures you don’t spread dust onto areas you’ve already cleaned. Dusting prevents dirt from embedding into surfaces when you start washing them. Additionally, it’s a quick and easy process that prepares the region for a complete cleaning.

Choose the Right Cleaning Solution

Pick the right cleaner for each surface because they are different. Mix a light soap with water for painted walls and use it for harder surfaces like tiles; vinegar and water mixed works great. Always clean a small, hidden spot first to see how well the solution works. This ensures it won’t damage or discolor the surface. Consider hiring residential cleaning services Manhattan because they always come with the right cleaning supplies. Using the right cleaner protects your surfaces and saves you time and work.

Spot Cleaning: Tackle Stains and Marks

Stains and marks are inevitable, but spot cleaning can make them disappear. Scrub the spot gently with a sponge or cloth dipped in your chosen cleaner. A wonderful paste for hard areas can be made by combining baking soda with water. Do not wipe it off right away. Wait a few minutes. Spot cleaning is also a quick way to keep your walls looking fresh without a full wash.

Washing Walls: Do It Right

When it’s time for a thorough cleaning, washing walls can make a big difference. Put your cleaning solution and warm water in a bucket. Use a soft sponge or cloth to wash the walls in sections. To keep from getting lines, work from the top down. Rinse the sponge frequently and change the water if it gets too dirty. Moreover, washing walls can be labor-intensive, but it’s worth it for a clean and bright look.

Drying: Don’t Skip This Step

Drying your walls and surfaces is crucial to prevent water spots and streaks. Paint the affected areas dry using a fresh, dry towel or cloth. This is very important for walls that are made glossy or almost glossy. Wiping them dry for hard surfaces like countertops ensures no residue is left behind. Moreover, drying might seem like an extra step, but it’s key to a spotless finish.

How to Deal with Mold and Mildew?

Mold and mildew can be very annoying, especially in wet places. To get rid of moldy spots, put bleach and water together. Use a sponge to put it on, and wait a few minutes before you scrub. Always wear gloves, and check that the area has enough airflow. You might want help from affordable residential cleaning services in Manhattan NY, for tough mold. Mold can also be hard to eliminate, but you can do it with the right tools.

Maintaining Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces like countertops and tiles need regular care. Wipe them down daily with a mild cleaner to prevent buildup. Use warm water and dish soap for a more thorough cleaning. Don’t use rough cleaners that can scratch the surface. Regular maintenance keeps your hard surfaces looking new and extends their lifespan. Moreover, a little daily effort goes a long way.

The Magic of Vinegar and Baking Soda

When you clean, vinegar and baking soda are your best friends. Baking soda is a gentle scrubber, and vinegar is great for getting rid of grease and grime. Use them separately or together for a powerful cleaning combo. They’re safe for most surfaces and very affordable. These everyday items can also handle a wide range of cleaning tasks.

Hiring Affordable Residential Cleaning Services

Sometimes, DIY cleaning isn’t enough, or you lack time. This is where affordable residential cleaning services in Manhattan NY come in. They can also do it expertly, sparing you the headache of doing it yourself. You can make these services fit your needs, from normal upkeep to deep cleaning sessions. Moreover, investing in professional cleaning can keep your home pristine and free up your time for other activities.

Keeping It Green: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Cleaning in an environmentally responsible manner is beneficial not only to the environment but also to your health. Use natural cleaning materials such as lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar. They are also effective and non-toxic. Affordable residential cleaning services in Manhattan NY avoid commercial cleaners with harsh chemicals. Eco-friendly cleaning is affordable and easy to implement. Moreover, it’s a great way to keep your home safe and healthy.


Cleaning walls and other hard surfaces doesn’t have to be hard. The correct tips and methods will help you maintain your home’s clean appearance. Each step is important, from dusting and spot cleaning to tackling mold and maintaining hard surfaces. And when you need a break, residential cleaning service in Manhattan New York, are there to help. Put on some filthy clothes and get to work shining up your home! Bright House Cleaning Service takes care of and accurately meets your home cleaning needs. We’ll do the hard work so you can enjoy a clean home.

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