Stunning Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick: Painting Contractors

Picking the right paint colors is one of the most important decisions you can make in home design. It is even more important when the outside is made of red brick. Painting contractors in Morristown NJ are very skilled, which is great in times like these. Finding the right color to go with your brick can make a huge difference in how your home looks from the street whether you want a classic look or a bold statement. Come with us as we solve the mysteries of color and show you how to give your home a beautiful new look on the outside.

Painting Contractors for a Classic White Color 

White isn’t just a color; it’s a statement of elegance and simplicity! Imagine pairing your red brick with a classic white, creating a clean and timeless look. It’s akin to finding that perfect white tee that goes with every pair of jeans you own. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, over 62% of respondents preferred neutral paint colors (such as white, gray, and beige) for their exterior brick homes. Besides looking fabulous, it bounces off sunlight, keeping your home lively and inviting. Painting contractors in Morristown NJ, often lean towards this duo for its ability to blend simplicity with the warm tones of red brick. Moreover, it ensures that your home stands out in sophistication and charm.

Sage Green: Merging with Nature

Picture your red brick home embraced by the calm of nature, with sage green painting a picture of tranquility on its walls. This earthy tone complements the red brick’s natural vibes, merging your home into the surrounding landscape. It’s also as if your dwelling is whispering a gentle “Welcome back” each time you return, with arms wide open, inviting you into a serene embrace. Moreover, sage green is a nod to nature, creating a peaceful and inviting exterior that’s hard to overlook.

Navy Blue: Bold and Beautiful

Who said navy blue and red brick can’t be best friends? This pairing brings a bold, dramatic flair akin to a star-studded night sky meeting the warm hues of a sunset. The contrast between the deep, soothing navy and the fiery red brick can turn your home into a standout masterpiece, making it the landmark of your neighborhood. Moreover, it’s a choice that speaks volumes, promising a bold, elegant, and striking statement.

Soft Gray: Subtly Sophisticated

Soft gray is your go-to for those who prefer a whisper of elegance over a shout. It embodies understated sophistication, much like a classic novel that doesn’t need to scream to be heard among flashy bestsellers. Soft gray also offers a gentle contrast, accentuating the texture and character of red brick without overpowering it. Moreover, it’s a choice that whispers class and subtlety, proving that the quietest statements are sometimes the most powerful.

Warm Beige: Embracing Coziness

Warm beige is the cozy sweater of color choices—comforting, welcoming, and eternally fashionable. Pairing it with red brick wraps your home in a soft, warm embrace, creating an inviting and harmonious look. It’s also a fantastic pick for those yearning for a touch of coziness, enhancing the brick’s natural warmth without overpowering its character. So, think of it as a hug for your home, one that says, “Come in and stay awhile.”

Charcoal: The Power of Contrast

Charcoal brings to red brick what a well-tailored suit brings to an evening event: sophistication, style, and timeless appeal. This striking contrast doesn’t just complement; it also elevates, making the reds pop and architectural details stand sharply in relief. Moreover, it’s a choice for the bold, transforming the everyday into something decidedly sophisticated and modern. Painters in Morristown NJ appreciate charcoal’s ability to bring out the best in red brick. It also showcases the home’s features in high definition.

Rich Cream: Warmth and Light

Rich cream paints your home in the soft light of dawn, casting a warm, inviting glow over the red brick. It adds a layer of lightness, welcoming everyone with a cozy ambiance. This color choice also creates an atmosphere of warmth and elegance, much like the gentle morning sunlight that bathes your home in its first light. Moreover, it’s a beloved choice among painting contractors in Morristown NJ, for its power to brighten and beautify, bringing peace and warmth to any home.

Deep Teal: A Splash of Vibrancy

Deep teal is the vibrant, unexpected guest who lights up the party, bringing energy and dynamism to your red brick home. It’s like splashing a canvas with a bold, creative streak, transforming the ordinary into something utterly captivating. This color also promises a lively facade of personality, turning heads and sparking conversations. Moreover, it’s a choice for those looking to infuse their home with energy and a touch of the extraordinary.

Mustard Yellow: Sunshine on Your Home

Imagine your home basking in the cheerful glow of mustard yellow, a color that brings a slice of summer sunshine, no matter the weather. This sunny pairing with red brick exudes warmth and happiness, offering a bright, welcoming face to the world. It’s also like your home is always happy to see you, greeting you with a warm smile every day. Moreover, this joyful combination creates a lively, inviting entrance that says, “Come on in and feel the warmth.”

Pastel Pink: Soft and Unique

For the bold at heart, pastel pink offers a soft yet distinctive contrast to the robust tones of red brick. It’s the gentle bloom of spring against the rustic charm of autumn. It’s a beautiful reminder of the change and beauty in the world. With this color, the best painting contractors in Morristown NJ add a whimsical, playful touch, proving that your home can be both a place of beauty and a space for fun. Moreover, it is a choice that dares to be different celebrating your home unique charm in every brush stroke.


With these captivating colors, your red brick home can transform into a beacon of beauty and personality. Remember, the magic touch of skilled painting contractors in Morristown NJ can bring these visions to life. They also ensure that your home looks stunning and feels like a true reflection of you. Whether you’re drawn to the classic elegance of white, the boldness of navy blue, or the vibrancy of deep teal, a color is perfect for your home. So, which hue speaks to your heart? We can address all your painting needs at Ed Painting & Remodeling LLC. We have experienced professionals who ensure quality services.

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