Top Reasons to Travel to Georgia

Want to visit Georgia but still confused about what to visit or why visit Georgia….?

Then, don’t go further, your doubt is going to clear with this blog. In this blog, we have concluded some perfect reasons and also must-visit places included in the Georgia tour packages to make your trip worth it. Get ready to explore with the best travel agency in Dubai catering to all your travel details offering special Georgia tour packages from Dubai. Check for the reasons here.

Reasons to visit Georgia

The way of welcoming their guests by Georgians

Georgians believe that guests are sent from God. So, whenever you visit Georgia fill your heart with cherish and joy as the locals are very friendly with the guests. They would treat you like a friend or a family member. They would invite you to their homes and it is possible that they would show you around and make a visit to the nearby places.

Home to the production of Wines

Georgia has been popular as the one and only region for producing wine since 8000 years ago. It is the oldest wine-growing region in the world and known as the ‘Cradle of wine’. Georgia makes various types of wines which two types are quite famous in the region i.e. red wines and amber wines. Dry red wines are made up of Saperavi and other red wines, on the other hand, amber wines are made with white grapes fermented with kvevri with skins and stems. Experience Georgia by tasting its wines and filling your heart with merriment.

Visit its UNESCO World Heritage Sites

As Georgia is at the center point of Europe and Asia, it has so many cultural heritage sites. Some of the Georgian sites are known as UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Mksheta, The Ancient Capital of Georgia, The Kutaisi Town, The Gelati Monastery, and Village Ushguli.

Food in Georgia

If you are foody or fond of trying a variety of food, then Georgia is the right place. Georgia has gained fame in offering a variety of food. In Georgia, food is considered a basic part of their culture. You can find different foods as per the different regions across Georgia. Some of the famous foods in Georgia are Supra, Kachapuri, Khinkhli, Churchkhela, Pkhali, Kharcho, etc.

Beautiful in Nature

Still, Georgia is small in size but it has all types of landscapes such as mountains, coastal areas, and deserts. Its lakes, waterfalls, and spa resorts make it a more attractive destination. If you like hiking, trekking, camping or are fond of witnessing beautiful scenery, then Georgia is yours. Explore these natural beauties in Georgia and fill your heart with more inspiration.

The highest mountain range – The Great Caucasus

Georgia has the highest mountain range in Europe i.e. The Mighty Great Caucasus. This mountain range is located in the Khevsureti and Tusheit regions of Georgia. It is spread across 1,200 kms from west-northwest to east-southeast between the Taman Peninsula.

Georgian Dance

Georgian Dance is the symbol of war, love, and friendship. Unique steps and dance moves attract the visitors to watch the stunning performances & and shows and call for thunderclaps. Georgian dance called Kartuli truly shows the rituals and ideals of the nation. This form is gently performed in partners –a male and a female showing the majesty of a woman, the feeling of freedom, and the pride of the man.

The Capital City – Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the capital country of Georgia. It is located on both banks of the Kura River in Eastern Georgia. It has Eastern Orthodox churches, old art nouveau buildings, and Soviet Modernist structures. Tbilisi’s famous attractions are Holy Trinity Cathedral, Bridge of Peace, Mtatsminda Park, Narikala, Liberty Square, and Sulfur Baths.

Hopefully, our list of reasons convinced you to visit Georgia. Check Georgia tour packages with the best travel agency in Dubai and get ready to explore the unique and diverse culture of Georgia…..

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