What You Need Before Combining Two Apartments with Home Remodeling?

Are you thinking about knocking down a wall to combine two apartments into one grand living space in Illinois? Whether you plan to expand your family or want more room to roam merging two flats can be exciting. Here is where Best Home Remodeling Services in Barrington IL come into play offering their expertise to make your home transformation a seamless process. But before you start dreaming of that open-plan living room or an extra-large main suite there are a few critical things to consider ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Understand the Legalities

Before you get too attached to your blueprint, it’s crucial to check the legalities of combining apartments. This includes the specifics of zoning laws, building codes, and the property’s deed or lease agreement. Barrington Home Remodeling Services can help guide you through these complexities.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

If you need to obtain several permits before work can begin, it’s all part of the process to ensure compliance and safety.

Engage with an Architect

Combining two apartments isn’t just about removing a wall but creating a cohesive space that feels like one unit. Hiring a skilled architect will help you design a space that maximizes functionality without sacrificing style. They’ll consider elements like natural light, flow between rooms, and structural integrity.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

An architect might suggest more changes than you anticipated, aiming to enhance both the usability and aesthetics of your combined space.

Budget Wisely

When merging two apartments, costs can escalate quickly. Beyond the purchase price of the second unit, you’ll have renovation costs, which might include demolition, construction, and finishes. Budgeting wisely with a detailed plan from Professional Home Remodeling Services In Barrington IL​will keep you on track financially.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Unexpected costs often arise, so allocating a contingency fund within your budget is wise.

Does Combining Apartments Increase or Decrease Value?

When done right, combining apartments often increases the value of your property. This is especially true if the new space is well-designed and functional, appealing to a broader market. With the expertise of remodeling experts, you can enhance your home’s appeal and marketability, making it a lucrative investment.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

The increase in value primarily depends on the quality of the renovation and the current real estate market conditions.

What Department of Buildings (DOB) Rules Do You Need to Know?

Before embarking on your apartment combination project, familiarizing yourself with the Department of Buildings (DOB) regulations is crucial. These rules ensure safety and compliance in building operations. Best Home Remodeling Services in Barrington IL can help you navigate these regulations, ensuring your project adheres to all local codes and laws.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

The DOB might require more documentation and inspections than anticipated, affecting your project timeline.

Plan for Disruption

Living through a renovation is no picnic. Combining apartments can take several months and will likely disrupt your daily life. It’s essential to plan for this disruption and consider temporary housing if the project’s scope is extensive.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

The noise, dust, and general upheaval can be more intense than you think. Prepare mentally and physically for the mess.

Think Long-Term

It’s easy to get caught up in current needs when combining apartments, but it’s equally important to think about the future. Consider how this renovation will fit your long-term plans, whether it’s potential family changes or resale value. Consulting with Professional Home Remodeling Services In Barrington IL​ can provide valuable insights into making adaptable and forward-thinking choices.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Your future needs might influence design decisions more than your current desires.

Expanding into a Building’s Common Space

Expanding your apartment into common space areas by your building can be tricky and requires approval from your homeowners’ association or co-op board. Getting explicit permissions and possibly adjusting your plans is essential based on the building’s rules. Best Home Remodeling Services in Barrington IL can guide you through this process to negotiate and secure the necessary approvals.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

This type of expansion often involves more stakeholders and can be more complex than internal renovations.

Sustainability in Renovation

Incorporating sustainable practices into your renovation benefits the environment and can lead to cost savings over time. Consider using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances. Best Home Remodeling Services in Barrington IL is adept at creating designs that focus on sustainability without compromising style or functionality.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Eco-friendly renovations might come with higher upfront costs, but they pay off in the long run through reduced utility bills and environmental impact.

The Role of Natural Light

In any home, natural light is crucial in creating an inviting atmosphere. Consider how the layout will affect light distribution when planning your apartment combination. Strategic placement of windows and choosing the right window treatments can enhance the light in your combined apartment space.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

You may need to rethink window placements to optimize light, which can significantly alter your initial plans.

Incorporating Personal Style

Lastly, while functionality is critical, infusing your style will make the space feel like home. Whether through bespoke fittings, unique color schemes or custom furniture ensure your new apartment reflects your personality and lifestyle. Experts can help bring your vision to life ensuring that every corner of your new space is uniquely yours.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Tailoring the decor to your taste can be one of the most enjoyable parts of combining apartments giving you a canvas to express creativity.


By keeping these points in mind and partnering with the Best Home Remodeling Services in Barrington IL, you’ll be well on your way to creating a beautifully merged apartment that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Remember, good things take time, and patience during this process will go a long way toward building the dream home you’ve always wanted.

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